1. Extra Weapons
    The Lo Yo Yo

  2. Reflections
    The Hands

  3. Dans mon monde
    Monsieur Paul et les Solutions

  4. Back from the Canigó Volume Two - Country Punks & City Rockers Perpignan 1999-2010
    Various Artists

  5. Gwendolyne / Les Boniments

  6. The Llamps
    The Llamps

  7. Action Time Vision 1977-1979
    Alternative TV

  8. It's Only Money

  9. Hymne du Miam
    Pascal Comelade

  10. Le Plan de Paris
    Pascal Comelade & Richard Pinhas

  11. The In-Fuzzed
    The In-Fuzzed

  12. Complete MJDC Collection
    Various Artists

  13. Cougouyou Music

  14. One Hundred
    David Cunningham & Yasuaki Shimizu

  15. Projekt Transmit
    Projekt Transmit

  16. Dinner Music for Clubbers: Peter Grummich Plays Staubgold
    Various Artists

  17. Modern Jazz Dance Classics Volume Two
    Various Artists

  18. Sol Vibrations: Latin Dance Movements
    Various Artists

  19. Modern Jazz Dance Classics
    Various Artists

  20. Launderette
    Vivien Goldman

  21. Danger in Paradise
    General Strike

  22. Back from the Canigó: Garage Punks Vs Freakbeat Mods Perpignan 1989-1999
    Various Artists

  23. Les Mémoires d'un Ventriloque (Chansons 1981 / 2018)
    Pascal Comelade

  24. The Secret Dub Life of the Flying Lizards
    The Flying Lizards

  25. Fou d'Amour
    Johnny Tramuntana

  26. Resolutionary
    Vivien Goldman

  27. Bogotá

  28. Monkey Banana Kitchen
    Family Fodder

  29. Lo Rap Mut
    Pascal Comelade

  30. Lettre À Monsieur Le Chef De Gare De La Tour De Carol / Un Mauvais Champignon / La Nausée (extrait)
    Brigitte Fontaine & monsieuRdurand

  31. Sinking Ships / The Fence

  32. Mon tour / Perfidia
    The Llamps

  33. Monserrate

  34. In My Mind
    Joy Rage

  35. The Woods / The Inventor
    The Limiñanas

  36. Wings On Rocks
    Pascal Comelade

  37. Carré noir sur fond noir
    Pascal Comelade & Armand Miralles

  38. Rebel Song / Dream Song
    The Vampyrs

  39. Swing of a Mind / Stardust Special
    Hair & The Iotas

  40. Music out of Place
    Various Artists

  41. Strings + Feedback
    Andrew Pekler

  42. Déformation Professionnelle
    Paul Wirkus

  43. Inteletto D'amore
    Paul Wirkus

  44. The Isle
    Wechsel Garland, World Standard

  45. Before the Libretto
    The Lappetites

  46. Staubgold
    Various Artists

  47. Childish Music
    Various Artists

  48. Jukebox Buddha
    Various Artists

  49. Tomorrow Will Be Like Today
    Rand and Holland

  50. Kind Kind
    Sack Und Blumm

  51. Lifelike
    Hans Joachim Irmler

  52. Returns
    Sack & Blumm

  53. Uneasy Flowers
    Autistic Daughters

  54. Organ Eye
    Organ Eye

  55. Punkt
    Harald "Sack" Ziegler

  56. And the Black Moths Play the Grand Cinema
    Dean Roberts

  57. A Way to Find the Day

  58. Ankern
    F.S. Blumm

  59. Kopf Zahl Bauch
    Harald "Sack" Ziegler

  60. Version Train
    Mapstation feat. Ras Donovan

  61. Kölner Brett
    To Rococo Rot

  62. Nurobic
    Groenland Orchester

  63. Anna

  64. Sleep, Engine Sleep

  65. Trigger Happiness
    Groenland Orchester

  66. The Impossible Humane
    Mixed Band Philanthropist

  67. Bye and Bye I'm Going to See the King
    Heaven And

  68. Sweeter as the Years Roll By
    Heaven And

  69. Second Childhood
    Hildur Gudnadottir, BJ Nilsen & Stilluppsteypa

  70. Vigil
    Oren Ambarchi & Martin Ng

  71. Flypaper
    Oren Ambarchi & Keith Rowe

  72. Reconnaissance
    Oren Ambarchi & Martin Ng

  73. Attention L'Armée
    Atarpop 73 & Le Collectif Le Temps Des Cerises

  74. Garagem Aurora

  75. La Diversión Que Hacía Falta En Mi País
    Los Pirañas

  76. Space Solo 2
    Rafael Toral

  77. You Only Need to Know How It Feels to Believe
    Nicholas Desamory

  78. Nicht sterben. Aufpassen.
    The Schwarzenbach

  79. Sunday Girls (Director's Cut)
    Family Fodder and Friends

  80. While the Recording Engineer Sleeps
    The Cocoon

  81. Désarroi
    Kammerflimmer Kollektief

  82. Reel to Real
    Dennis Young

  83. Transit

  84. Akşak
    Jaki Liebezeit & Holger Mertin

  85. Fiesta, Que Viva La
    Ensamble Polifónico Vallenato / Sexteto La Constelación De Colombia

  86. Just Love Songs
    Family Fodder

  87. Schizophrenia Party (Director's Cut)
    Family Fodder

  88. E Pluribus Unum
    The 49 Americans

  89. Devoción
    Meridian Brothers

  90. Le Petit Bonheur: Le K Plays Staubgold
    Various Artists

  91. Bruits Et Temps Analogues
    Patrick Vian

  92. Too Young to Be Ideal
    The 49 Americans

  93. We Know Nonsense
    The 49 Americans

  94. Instrumentarium
    Boris Hegenbart

  95. The Golden Years

  96. From Beyond Love
    Strings Of Consciousness

  97. Teufelskamin
    Kammerflimmer Kollektief

  98. Alphabet Dream Noise
    Jasmina Maschina

  99. Telebossa

  100. Space Elements Vol. III
    Rafael Toral

  101. Strade Transparenti
    Various Artists

  102. Ring

  103. Born In A Night
    Hassle Hound

  104. Zwei

  105. Sommer

  106. Wildling
    Kammerflimmer Kollektief

  107. Crisis Tales
    Curse Ov Dialect

  108. Im erwachten Garten
    Dietmar Dath & Kammerflimmer Kollektief

  109. Stadtlandfluss

  110. The Demolition Series
    Jasmina Maschina

  111. Pedal

  112. I'll Be The Same

  113. Khali
    Alejandro Franov

  114. Jinx
    Kammerflimmer Kollektief

  115. La Double Absence

  116. Südpol

  117. Taken From Vinyl
    To Rococo Rot

  118. Space
    Rafael Toral

  119. Remixed
    Kammerflimmer Kollektief

  120. Limelight Cordial
    Hassle Hound

  121. The Forest and the Sea
    Leafcutter John

  122. Patchwork 1971-2002

  123. derbe respect, alder
    Faust vs. Dälek

  124. Hysteria
    Kammerflimmer Kollektief

  125. Absencen
    Kammerflimmer Kollektief

  126. Kintopp

  127. Now Right Here

  128. Cicadidae
    Kammerflimmer Kollektief

  129. Sun

  130. ruhig blut


Staubgold Berlin, Germany

Founded in 1998 by DJ, musician and journalist Markus Detmer, Staubgold is an acknowledged and acclaimed brand for experimental and electronic music from around the world.

Its roster can boast internationally known names like Vivien Goldman, The Flying Lizards, Faust, To Rococo Rot, Kammerflimmer Kollektief, Ekkehard Ehlers and Rafael Toral.
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